3rd Regional NIPAC workshop and IPF Transport Sector Workshop

DUBROVNIK – On November 8th and 9th, SEETO participated at the 3rd Regional NIPAC Workshop named “Reviewing the WBIF Environment and Advancing Regional Investments”. The workshop was attended by NIPAC offices and national authorities of the Regional Participants in different sectors: transport, environment, energy and social affairs, as well as regional organisations active in the relevant fields.

Within the NIPAC workshop, a separate Transport Sector Workshop was conducted, with focus on financing transport infrastructure in the Western Balkans. A special session was devoted on the SEETO and the improved identification of priority projects along the SEETO Comprehensive Network.

On behalf of SEETO, in addition to the opening key notes by the SEETO Steering Committee Chairperson Ms. Angelina Zivkovic, the staff members of the SEETO Secretariat- Mr. Nenad Nikolic, General Manager, Mrs. Ana Simecki, Transport Planning Manager, Mr. Mate Gjorgjievski, Transport Law Expert and Ms. Liljana Cela, Information Resource Manager, delivered presentations on the new project rating methodology, the soft measures and SEETIS III, respectively.

The remaining sessions included discussions from the IFIs, EC, IPF, SEETO and national representatives on the following important topics: enhancing coordination in transport investments, options for financing, the Regional Transport Study which is supported by WBIF and PPPs. At the end, a case study was presented by Mr. Izet Bajrambasic, Steering Committee member, on the possibilities for future highway concessions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In conclusion, the role of SEETO and all the results achieved in 2012, particularly the new rating methodology, the MAP 2013 and project prioritisation, the horizontal measures including the “flagship” axis initiative and the SEETIS III were very much welcomed and supported by all stakeholders.