4th TFWG Meeting, Podgorica, Montenegro


28 April, Podgorica – The 4th SEETO Transport Facilitation Working Group meeting was held in Podgorica on 28 April 2017, with the presence of respective representatives from the regional participants’ Ministries of transport, Ministries of economy, Ministries of interior (Border police), Customs administrations and Chambers of commerce.  The meeting was also attended by representatives from the Ministry of the sea, transport and infrastructure of Croatia, and from the Hellenic Ministry of infrastructure and transport, both of whom were invited to share information and play an active role in the discussion on border crossing point agreements between the regional participants and their respective member states.

DG NEAR was present as co-chair along with SEETO and contributed highly to the overall flow and success of the meeting, as well as in briefing the participants about 2017 Trieste Summit expectations and TCT state of play.

The meeting provided a good platform for the regional participants and other relevant meeting contributors to discuss first and foremost expectations from the upcoming WB6 Summit in Trieste in July and to share as well as obtain information on the Connectivity reform measures management plan implementation, as well as its existing or potential obstacles and solutions in moving forward (inter-institutional coordination, human capacities/resources, internal and external communication, etc.).

It also provided insights of the EC technical assistance for the connectivity reform measures (ConnecTA) – more specifically the scope of ConnecTA, elaboration of ToRs on road safety, ITS and road and rail maintenance, and a report on the Transport Network Resilience – recommendations and next steps. The bilateral sessions were used to discuss the above mentioned border crossing point agreements for rail and road transportation between the regional participant, as well as with their neighboring EU MS. The last point of the meeting was a presentation on the Joint trade facilitation project being carried out by CEFTA with the support of the World Bank Group.

All documents and presentations from the meeting can be found here.