5th TFWG Meeting, Durres, Albania

5 October, Durres – The 5th SEETO Transport Facilitation Working Group meeting was held in Durres on 5 October 2017, with the presence of respective representatives from the Regional Participants’ Ministries of Transport, Ministries of Infrastructure, Ministries of Interior (Border police), Customs administrations, Chambers of commerce and European Commission. 

The TFWG welcomed the results from the Western Balkans 6 Summit held in July 2017 in Trieste, with reference to the progress made in the implementation of the connectivity reform measures. TFWG particularly welcomed the signing of the Transport Community Treaty which is expected to bring additional impetus to the reforms across all transport sectors and for the transport facilitation process in the Western Balkans.

At the meeting, the commencement of the three Projects under Connecta for Road safety, ITS and Maintenance and the preliminary work carried out by now was noted, as well as the readiness to start with the project on road border crossings facilitation.

Participants welcomed the Transport and Trade Facilitation Project initiated by the World Bank as it will complement the national efforts and the engaged EC TA (Connecta).

All documents and presentations from the meeting can be found here.