Flagship Axes Initiative

First Flagship Axes workshop Invitation Letter – Flagship Workshop Agenda – Flagship Workshop Second Flagship Axes workshop Agenda TEN-T Comprehensive Network in SEE SEETO Flagship Axes Initiative SEETO Technical Assistance – Flagship Project Danube Region Intermodal Strategy Facilitation of trade and BC procedures Flagship Broschures 1. Corridor Vc 2. Corridor VIII 3. Corridor X 4….

RWR/RSA – Project Workshops

Railway Reform Workshops 1st RWR_WS – February 2009 Belgrade, Serbia Agenda and List of participants FIRST WORKSHOP RAILWAYS AGENDA FINAL RWR WORKSHOP Attendants List Print Guest Presentation RWR Workshop – F Participants Presentations 1 RWR Workshop – ALB 1 RWR Workshop – CRO 1 RWR Workshop – KOS 1 RWR Workshop – MAK 1 RWR…

RWR/RSA – Project Results

Project Results RW Specific Result 3 – Draft Regulatory Manual (RM) for a harmonised infrastructure charging regime Specific Result 4 – Harmonised Network Statement for SEETO Participants Annex 1 – Standard RNE contract Annex 2 – RNE path request application form Specific Result 5 -Action Plan for Implementing Regulatory Manual and of Network Statement Specific Result 6 – Draft Regional Plan…


“Support for Implementing Measures for South East Europe Core Regional Transport Network Multi Annual Plan (MAP) 2008-2012″ EuropeAid/125783/C/SER/MULTI The contract for the project was signed in June 2008 by a Consortium led by White Young Green Consulting (UK) which also includes TRADEMCO (Greece), VIENNA Consult (Austria) and TRL (UK). The project runs until November 2009….