Europeans’ satisfaction with rail services

The European Commission, Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport requested an analysis of public satisfaction with railway passenger transportation; it is a general public survey which covers the population of the respective nationalities of the European Union Member States.

This survey was conducted to examine EU rail passengers’ satisfaction with domestic rail services, including trains themselves, railway stations and accessibility for people with reduced mobility. 55% of Europeans are satisfied with rail services tested in their country. However, too few Europeans take the train: even though 83% of Europeans live within 30 minutes of a station, only 36% take intercity trains at least several times per year, and even fewer people use suburban trains.

The two main objectives of the survey were to:

  • measure satisfaction with rail services;
  • understand the accessibility issues that arise when using rail services and measure satisfaction with rail service accessibility (particularly among those with accessibility issues).

Based on the established objectives, two main topics were elaborated within the survey: Rail Passenger satisfaction and Accessibility of railway stations.

Report is available here.