Workshops / Conferences

Road Safety Audit Workshop- TAIEX

TAIEX Workshop in November 11-14,2014 – Brussels

  • RSA Training – Agenda
  • Adoption of the Infrastructure Directive and ETSC position – Ms.Townsend
  • Road Infrastructure Safety Management – Mr.Mertner & Ms. Lindahl
  • Road Safety Programmes – Mr.Ágústsson
  • Motorways – safety issues of the motorway design – Mr. Mertner
  • Issues of the Interurban Highway Design-Mr.Ágústsson & Mr.Mertner
  • Safety issues on through road sections-Mr.Efstathiadis
  • Road Safety Audit (RSA) Introduction – Mr.Mertner
  • Methodology of Road Safety Audit – Mr.Ágústsson
  • Road Safety Audit Reporting – Mr.Efstathiadis
  • Road Safety Audit and Review of existing roads – Mr.Efstathiadis
  • Road Safety Analysis – Mr.Ágústsson
  • Response to and finalising RSA – Mr.Efstathiadis

Public–Private Partnership (PPP)

PPP workshop In March 22-23,2007 – Ohrid

  • PPP Workshop Draft Agenda
  • Ted Sheldia: Presentation designed by PB Consulting
  • Izet Bajrambasic: Improving the legal and regulatory framework for PPP systems
  • Vasilis Evmolpidis: Alternative Types of PPP
  • Vasilis Evmolpidis: The Goverments Role
  • Izet Bajrambasic: PPP Project Cycle management
  • Klaus Juergen Uhl: Example of successful PPP in rail transport
  • Mate Jurisic:Croatian PPP exerience in motorway construction
  • Izet Bajrambasic: Motorway on Corridor Vc – Investment opportunity
  • Manuela V Manolis: Current Plans in the Region
  • Angelina Zivkovic: Montenegrin transport development
  • Miodrag Jocic: Horgos- Beograd- Pozega motorway section
  • Miodrag Jocic: Serbian Transport Sector Development Strategy And Policy
  • Florim Grajcevci: Current Projects

Digital Tachograph – TAIEX

TAIEX Workshop in Madrid, 21.04.2009.

  • Agenda
  • SEETO – TAIEX Workshop