PIARC Council Meeting, Bonn 2017

PIARC Council Meeting took place in Bonn from 25 to 26 October 2017, during which an MoU for cooperation was signed between SEETO and PIARC. The MoU was signed by the General Manager of the SEETO Secretariat, Mr. Dejan Lasica and the PIARC Secretary General, Mr. Patric Mallejacq.

The MoU for cooperation between SEETO and PIARC which was approved before by the SEETO Steering Committee and the PIARC’s internal structure, shall serve as an excellent base for close and deeper cooperation between the two institutions and their members. For SEETO, the benefits are multiple. It will allow for SEETO experts, (including the representatives from the Transport Ministries in their SEETO role), to participate to the Technical Committees and to have access to the world largest transport knowledge base.

In addition, SEETO and Transport Ministries will have right to obtain information on latest developments in relevant transport sectors worldwide, across all general strategic themes of the work of PIARC: management and finance, access and mobility, safety, infrastructure and environment & climate change. This will enable them to learn from their counterparts, and transfer the gained knowledge and the best practices.

More info on the work of PIARC could be found here: https://www.piarc.org/en/.