SEETO Regional Cooperation plays a vital role in the process of transport system development in the South East Europe focusing not only on infrastructure development but on soft/horizontal measures as an integrated part of the system as well.

The main regional infrastructure priorities in all transport modes for year 2013, evaluated on the basis of the `SEETO Priority Projects Rating Methodology`, are presented. Projects are extracted from the MAP 2013 priority projects list, which reflects the highest priorities for the future investments in the SEETO Comprehensive Network and provides objective and consistent view on the quality of the projects nominated.

Knowing that Regional Participants face the challenge of implementing and enforcing a large body of transport regulations and directives, it is necessary to agree on conducting soft/horizontal measures which facilitate the compliance with the EU transport acquis, complement and add to the national reform measures, give returns in terms of system performance and are likely to have considerable impact on the efficiency of transport systems. Hence, SEETO, in cooperation with the European Commission elaborated a multiannual Strategic Working Programme and set of horizontal measures to be further implemented.