SEETO Comprehensive Network Projects

SEETO Comprehensive Network Priority Projects

Two types of SEETO Comprehensive Network Priority Projects are identified:

  • Priority projects eligible for funding – mature projects for which a comprehensive evaluation is available based on a completed feasibility study and, if available, additional full set of project documentation, in accordance with EU procedures for Programming and Procurement Rules.
  • Priority projects for preparation – projects which require full project preparation and project evaluation to determine their feasibility. These projects are not ready for implementation but funding is required to carry out the necessary preparatory work.

SEETO priority projects rating methodology was adopted by the SEETO Steering Committee in July 2012 in order to provide Regional Participants and potential external financiers with an objective and consistent view on the quality of the projects nominated as relevant for the implementation of the SEETO Comprehensive Network. Accordingly, the objective of the project rating is to present the strengths and weaknesses of the individual investment projects according to the agreed criteria.

The rating mechanism is applied on priority projects eligible for funding that do have Feasibility Study completed and are mature enough to start with the implementation process. Additionally, priority projects that require preparatory activities are not rated but are included in a separate list indicating that resources for project preparation are required.