02. Completion of motorway on Road Corridor Vc, Section Karuse-Banlozi

Bosnia and Herzegovina
SEETO No: SEETO CN position:
Corridor Vc
Transport mode:
Overall project objective:
Corridor Vc extends through Croatia (141 km) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (400 km) for a total length of 541 km. It is the main transport corridor in Bosnia and Herzegovina, integrating the mentioned RP in the European transportation system.The project aims to enhance the economic and social development of Bosnia and Herzegovina by satisfying the increasing demand for local transport, and the promotion of regional trade with North East Europe.
Project benefits:
Expected benefits include savings in travel time and in vehicle operation costs for all types of vehicle; better road safety and decreased environmental impact; displacement of traffic from the densely populated urban zones along the existing main road M17/M5.
Economic / Financial / Environmental indicators:
Objectively verifiable indicators:
EIRR 13.19%
NPV 1.626.789.366,00€ (discount rate 8%)
NPV   787.924.335,00€ (discount rate 10%)
NPV   236.533.742,00€ (discount rate 12%)
Forecasted pax volume
• Year 2047: 26.000 vehicles per year
Forecasted cargo volume
• Year 2047: 11.000 trucks per year
Distance savings: 25km
Time savings: 120 min
Operating cost savings: 4 million €
Accident cost savings: 11.281 €
Total cost (M€) 889
Section Type of work Length (km)
 Karuse – Banlozi  New  60