08. Construction of Brod na Drini (Foca)–Hum (Scepan Polje)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
SEETO No: SEETO CN position:
Route 2b
Transport mode:
Overall project objective:
The road from Brod na Drini (Foca) to Hum and into Montenegro (Scepan Polje–Pluzine) provides a direct connection between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro and is the shortest route from Albania via Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina to Central Europe via Corridor Vc. The main traffic problems on the existing road, due to current traffic flows are: bottlenecks, low road safety level, low average vehicle speeds, with lower than average speed limits due to poor road elements and conditions, increased vehicle operating cost (VOC) and travel time cost for passengers and goods due to very low speeds, environmental threat caused by increased pollution, especially emissions and noise.
An increase in local economic competitiveness within the road area plus an indirect impact with the generation of new projects and investments in the economy of the region are predicted. With reduced distances will come a reduction in general transport costs for people and commodities.
Project benefits:
Main benefits will be represented through reduced vehicle operating costs and time savings on new road, improved safety and higher environmental concerns. In addition, reduction of travel time and distance as well as reduction of generalised transport costs are expected.
Economic / Financial / Environmental indicators:
With the future modernisation of vehicles and significant restrictions on exhaust gases, a reduction of pollution is expected despite an increase in traffic volumes.
The main negative environmental effects are expected during construction. Machine works (noise, vibrations, etc.) and occupation of certain land areas will certainly but not significantly have a negative environmental impact on the plant and wildlife along the alignment.
The Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment document suggested air protection, water protection, soil protection, noise protection measures, waste management, and human health protection measures, as well as flora and fauna impact mitigation measures.EIRR 8.46% (scenario I – optimistic)
EIRR 7.90% (scenario II – medium)
EIRR 7.51% (scenario III – pessimistic)

ENPV scenario I
10.469.374,00€ (discount rate 6%)
1.644.835,00€ (discount rate 8%)

ENPV scenario II
7.933.353,00€ (discount rate 6%)
-362.975,00€ (discount rate 8%)

ENPV scenario III
6.287.585,00€ (discount rate 6%)
-1.721.974,00€ (discount rate 8%)

Total cost (M€) 62
Section Type of work Length (km)
 Brod na Drini (Foca) – Hum (Scepan Polje)  New  23.35