09. Construction of Central East Corridor and Central South Corridor (Berat to Tepelene)

SEETO No: SEETO CN position:
Route 2c
Transport mode:
Overall project objective:
Road Route 2c is situated in Albania, from Fier in western Albania to the Greek border 125 km in length with 31 km of full motorway profile. The new planned branch Elbasan–Tepelene should provide a better connection between central and southern Albania.
Project benefits:
Time saving, operation cost saving, maintenance cost saving, VOC. Social economic developments of areas near the road. Reducing the travel distance from Tirana to the south of Albania. The total length of the Central South Corridor is about 180 km, of which about 10% consists od existing roads requiring no improvements, so no new ecological risks will occur. Upgrading is planned on 15% of the section while new construction will take place on 75%.
Economic / Financial / Environmental indicators
Cultural landscape areas are affected most (50%), ecological risks are assessed as low
EIRR = 10.67%
NPV =138.04 (ml Euro)
Forecasted Traffic Growth Rate: 7%
Total cost (M€) 210
Section Type of work Length (km)
 Berat -Tepelena New  44