13. Construction of motorway, Section Pristina–Hani I Elezit/Djeneral Jankovic

SEETO No: SEETO CN position:
Route 6a
Transport mode:
Overoll Project Objective:
Route 6a connects Corridor VIII with Route 7 and Route 4 and has a vital role in the transport development of Kosovo. The route connects the Pristina region, the central part of Kosovo , with Skopje. The total length of Route 6a is 259 km with a variety of road alignments and conditions. The roads are primarily two-lane roads, with the exception of a 47 km long section with motorway profile in the vicinity of Pristina. The objective is to build full motorway profile from Pristina to the border with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, improving the level of service and traffic safety as well as enhancing the connectivity of this region.
Project benefits:
The benefits of the project will result in reduced journey times and delays, and improved road surface conditions which will result in vehicle operating cost savings, accident cost savings and travel time cost savings.
Economic / Financial / Environmental indicators:
EIRR: 12 %
NPV: 102.58 M€

Importance of international demand – Passenger traffic: 20%
Passenger traffic: 40%

Total cost (M€) 378
Section Type of work Length (km)
 Pristina-Hani i Elezit  New 56