17. Construction of new railway line Beljakovce–Kriva Palanka–Border with Bulgaria

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
SEETO No: SEETO CN position:
Corridor VIII
Transport mode:
Overall project objective:
The project focuses on the rehabilitation of railway sections along the Corridor VIII: Beljakovce–Kriva Palanka–border with Bulgaria. Construction on this section began at the end of the 90s but was abandoned due to lack of financial resources.
Project benefits:
The new railway line will generate benefits for users (consumer’s surplus) in passenger and freight traffic, in particular in terms of: savings due to a shift in passenger traffic from road to rail; savings due to a shift of freight transport from road to rail; savings due to the transfer of freight traffic from other railway routes to the project line due to the shortening of transport distances; savings of travel time for passengers; savings of transport time for freight transportation.
Economic / Financial / Environmental indicators:
There are potential positive effects of the project from the point of view of environmental impact, although there will be some residual impacts which will have a moderately adverse effect during the construction phase (destruction of topsoil and impairment of noise quality) and the operational phase (damage to landscape, habitat fragmentation and decrease in animal populations). It is concluded that if the mitigation measures proposed in this ESIA are implemented, the significance of the overall residual impact of Project Railway Corridor VIII‐Eastern Section should only be of a slight adverse nature, with no major damage caused to the environmental resources present along the railway corridor.

EIRR: 11,84 %
NPV: 383 (in EUR million)International Passenger Traffic Demand: 56.5% (2019)
International Cargo Traffic Demand : 86% (2019)

Forecasted Growth rate: 57.14% (2015-2019)

Cut operation and maintenance cost: 737 826 Euros
Time savings:
• Skopje – Kumanovo – Bejlakovce: Year 2015 – 11,935 hours
• Skopje -Kumanovo – BG border:Year 2019 – 52,436 hours


Total cost (M€) 591
Section Type of work Length (km)
 Kumanovo – Beljakovce- Kriva Palanka  New  68