07. Expressway Section: Okucani–border BiH

SEETO No: SEETO CN position:
Route 2a
Transport mode:
Overall project objective:
Construction of Route 2b which will facilitate connection to Corridor Vc and Corridor X. To connect the central and eastern parts of the Regional Participant with the road network and to enable regional development by improved accessibility, to increase road safety and mobility. Facilitates connection to the neighbouring Regional Participant, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Project benefits:
The project/road will adjust the quality of regional traffic to international standards. Additional benefits include: removing traffic from urban areas; high level of traffic service; increased safety of traffic flow; more effective connection between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina from a traffic and economic point of view.
Economic / Financial / Environmental indicators:
EIRR: 9.20%
NPV: (5% applied discount rate)=44,94 M€

Passenger Traffic Demand: 15.000 AADT
Cargo Traffic Demand : 13.260 tons
Forecasted Growth of Passenger Traffic: 5%
Forecasted Growth of Cargo Traffic: 8%
Distance savings: 9km
Time savings: 2h 

Total cost (M€) 55
Section Type of work Length (km)