20. Reconstruction and modernisation of River Port of Brcko

Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Transport mode:
Overall project objective:
The port of Brcko is located in the north-eastern part of BiH, on the right side of the Sava River waterway. Class IV navigability, an average navigation period of 260 days/year, and gravitation area economy, determined the importance of the port in relation to the upstream piers. Possibility of establishing shipment of goods through Brcko Port: it is possible to establish direct shipments of goods from the Sava river to Danube basin ports in Western and Eastern Europe as well as to ports on the North and Black Sea.

In order to improve the overall condition of the port of Brcko, rehabilitation of port facilities, handling equipment, improvement of railway connection and storage capacities are required.

Project benefits:
Port Brcko could play a central role in providing interconnectivity with the land-based transport modes (road, rail) and is an essential transit point for cargo traffic flows to and from the heavy industries in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With an expected increase in cargo volume after the rehabilitation of the port of Brcko, the project will have a significant positive influence on regional economic growth.
Economic / Financial / Environmental indicators:
No environmental impact assessment has been carried out. It is planned to carry out an EIA in the future.
EIRR: 12%

NPV (KM) in 2010: 2,956,495

Total cost (M€) 6.5
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