21. Rehabilitation and improvement of the Sava River waterway

Bosnia and Herzegovina
SEETO No: SEETO CN position:
Transport mode:
Overall project objective:
Development of the Sava River waterway and structuring an appropriate economic and organisational framework for restoring trade and navigation (cargo and passengers) on the Sava River. At this moment the Sava River does not meet the required navigation parameters, set by the Sava Commission, for international waterway Class IV and Class Va, which would ensure a minimum depth of 2.5 m for 300 days per year (international waterway Class IV), and a minimum length km 586 (Sisak). Feasibility study showed that the Sava River offers valuable opportunities for development and commercialization.

Growing expectations regarding the potential of the Sava River motivates public authorities to rehabilitate the river, a commitment made explicit in the ‘Letter of Intent concerning the International Sava River Basin Commission Initiative‘, known as the ’Sava Initiative‘, signed in Sarajevo on 29 November 2001 by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, the Republic of Slovenia, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and by the Minister for Civil Affairs and Communications of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The four riparian countries then signed in Kranjska Gora (Slovenia) on 3 December 2002 the ’Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin‘ (FASRB), by which the International Sava River Basin Commission (Sava Commission) was formally established. The FASRB came into force on 29 December 2004 and the Constitutional Session of the Sava Commission was held on 27–29 June 2005 in Zagreb.

Project benefits:
The main benefit will be the upgrade of the Sava River waterway to a minimum navigability Class IV and Class Va, by ensuring a minimum depth of 2.5 m. Furthermore, the project includes the implementation of River Information Service, RIS, on the entire length of the Sava River. This will improve the connectivity and communication system for navigation, thus improving the safety of inland waterway vessels.
Economic / Financial / Environmental indicators:
An environmental impact assessment has been carried out for the section Sisak–Racinovci and is in preparation phase for Brcko–Belgrade section. The feasibility study has anticipated some environmental impacts that will be further elaborated in the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Study.
EIRR (for the Va Class of waterway, medium volume scenario): 20,2%
NPV (for the Va Class of waterway, medium volume scenario): 157,9 million Euros at 6% discount rate
Proportion of international traffic ≥10%
Total cost (M€) 22.6
Section Type of work Length (km)
 Sisak – Racinovci  Rehabilitation 379.7