06. Road connection to interchange Vucevica on motorway A1

SEETO No: SEETO CN position:
Route 1
Transport mode:
Overall project objective:
The proposed link road will have three functions: connecting Motorway A1 and Highway D8 (future expressway) to provide a direct link with the Split agglomeration; direct access to the future Regional Waste Management Centre; removing traffic from urban areas; high level of traffic service; increased safety of traffic flow.
Project benefits:
Route 1 provides a connection between two Regional Participants Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, and Croatia as an EU Member State. It runs from Central Croatia along the Adriatic Coast to the port of Bar in Montenegro. Route 2b that connects Montenegro with Albania is the extension of Route 1 and presents the basis for Adriatic–Ionian motorway development. Total length of Route 1 is 712 km, with the largest part located in Croatia (586 km). Sections in Croatia are mostly built as full motorway profile with a length of 452 km and, in this part, road infrastructure is in good condition.
Economic / Financial / Environmental indicators:
EIRR: 18.63%
NPV: (5% applied discount rate)=254,39 M€

Passenger Traffic Demand: 20198 AADT
Cargo Traffic Demand : 2000 tons

Forecasted Growth of Passenger Traffic: 4.6%
Forecasted Growth of Cargo Traffic: 4.5%

Distance savings: 12km

Total cost (M€) 148.16
Section Type of work Length (km)