04. Construction and reconstruction of sections Raec–Drenovo and Drenovo–Gradsko

the former Republic of Macedonia
SEETO No: SEETO CN position:
Corridor Xd
Transport mode:
Overall project objective:
The starting node of the Corridor Xd in Veles in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and it stretches until Medzitlija (Greek border) in a total length of 117 km. Complete alignment is in a two lane road profile.
Project benefits:
Economic / Financial / Environmental indicators:
An environmental impact assessment has been carried out by company “Lasoi” dooel – Skopje in 2013
EIRR: 7%
NPV: 620.617 €
Total cost (M€) 100
Section Type of work Length (km)
 Raec–Drenovo and Drenovo–Gradsko  Upgrade  45