Soft Measures

SEETO focuses on a few targeted areas of interventions which are identified in the SEETO Strategic Work Programme 2012-2014 as the SEETO Project Tasks for which continuous efforts and external support is needed. Those areas are:

  • Railway Reform
  • Border crossing facilitation
  • Road Safety Auditing

SEETO horizontal measures bring an added value to the infrastructure development of the SEETO Comprehensive Network. They are undertaken on regional level and therefore they complement the national reform processes, legislative alignments, regulatory framework, institutional building etc.  There has been one completed project for implementing soft measures on regional level, targeting railway reforms and road safety auditing in all Regional Participants (RWR/RSA Project).

However, every MAP compiles set of proposals for soft measures which are endorsed and taken into consideration for financing and implementation. The list of proposals is the following:

  • Implementation of harmonized data collection mechanism and SEETO Comprehensive Network transport model
  • Gap analysis of TEN-T standards implementation on the SEETO Comprehensive Network
  • Support for training courses for road Safety auditors and road safety inspectors
  • Addressing regional transport non-physical barrier