RWR/RSA – Project Results

Project Results RW

Specific Result 3 – Draft Regulatory Manual (RM) for a harmonised infrastructure charging regime

Specific Result 4 – Harmonised Network Statement for SEETO Participants

  • Annex 1 – Standard RNE contract
  • Annex 2 – RNE path request application form

Specific Result 5 -Action Plan for Implementing Regulatory Manual and of Network Statement

Specific Result 6 – Draft Regional Plan to improve regional operations

Specific Result 7 – Draft Regional Approach for implementing passenger border controls on moving trains

Specific Result 8 – Draft Regional Approach for introducing EDI system

Specific Result 9 – Action Plan to achieve greater integration of railway border crossing policies

Project Results – RSA

Specific Result 10 – Draft outline of a short term Road Safety Strategy

Specific Result 12A – Road Safety Audit Manual

Specific Result 12B – Road Safety Inspection Manual

Specific Result 13 – Standardised set of common road safety audit procedures, according to EU standards, prepared for each Participant and tested through pilot projects

Specific Result 14 – Draft model of Road Safety Audit Agreement, for implementation of road safety audits

Specific Result 15 – Action Plan for implementing a Regional Safety Audit Agreement