SEETO continues with the Regional Visits 2014

Sarajevo – Minister Damir Hadžić opened the meeting on the occasion of the visit of the SEETO Secretariat representatives to Ministry of Communications and Transport in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He emphasized the progress made in terms of TEN-T network in the Western Balkans development which is in line with continued task to achieve standards in infrastructure and transport operations that are equal to those in the European Union. Accordingly, the aim of the transport sector which is to achieve required progress on the BiH path towards the EU accession was stressed. Minister thanked SEETO Secretariat representatives for their cooperation and expressed his belief that it will be even more active and productive in the time to come.

The meeting was chaired by the SEETO Steering Committee Member Mr. Zoran Andric together with the National Coordinator from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Mustafa Kovacevic. In addition to the relevant transport departments within the Transport Ministries, the meeting was attended by respective representatives from transport agencies, directorates, regulatory bodies and operators. Overall, around 30 representatives actively participated to the meetings. The full list of participants is available herewith.

An interactive discussion took place regarding the infrastructure priority projects on the SEETO Comprehensive Network, regulatory framework and reform steps undertaken by the national authorities in each transport mode. SEETO Secretariat advised on further strategic transport planning, investment coordination, horizontal measures and use of SEETIS III.

In addition, a separate meeting took place with the EU Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where SEETO work was highly welcomed, and a great deal of support was given to the future work and the continuous cooperation.

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