SEETO Secretariat conducts Regional Visits in WB6


SEETO Secretariat’s visits to the Regional Participants have been completed, in the period of February 21st up until March 13th. The meetings were held in Sarajevo, Skopje, Pristina, Tirana, Podgorica and the final one in Belgrade. The main items covered were the assessment of the progress of Connectivity Reform Measures Implementation and Plan, the presentation of the Core and Comprehensive Network development, and lastly, the transport strategies and policies.

CRM Implementation and Plan involved both SEETO Secretariat and Regional Participants in presenting their current progress in regards to regional and national connectivity measures, whereby SEETO focused on ConnecTA assistance and sub-actions which should be completed by Trieste Summit, 2017.

Secondly, the Core and Comprehensive Network development presentation was aimed to present and elaborate on the ongoing projects conducted by Ministry of Transport, PMUs, PUIs, as well as other respective authorities.

Lastly, the presentation of current and ongoing transport strategies and policies was be conducted by the Ministry of Transport.