The fourth Annual Meeting of Ministers

4th Annual Meeting of Ministers on the Development of the South East Europe Core Regional Transport Network

“Common problems – Shared solutions”, Bečići, Montenegro.

The Forth Annual Meeting of Ministers on the Development of the South-East Europe Core Regional Transport Network has taken place in Becici, Montenegro, attended by the European Commission, the Transport Ministers or Deputy Ministers of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244/99), the International Financing Institutions (World Bank, EIB and EBRD) and other relevant transport institutions. The purpose of fourth Annual Meeting of Ministers was to promote regional cooperation in developing the transport networks and thereby to contribute to the regional integration of the Participants.

At the opening, H.E. Andrija Lompar, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Telecommunications of Montenegro, welcomed participants and once again stressed good regional cooperation. Other speakers spoke about further efficient transport system development which will increase effectiveness of transport and decrease transport expenses. They stressed future investments in infrastructure so that, even with world financial crisis, it could increase economic development of the Region.

Participants have adopted Conclusions on implementation of MoU until the end of 2008 which will support effective regional coordination in order to address jointly the need for adequate and sustainable regional transport infrastructure. Furthermore, they adopted the Time Table for the implementation of the Addendum of the MoU on the Development of the Core Regional Transport Network regarding the South East Europe Railway Transport Area.

It was emphasized that Participants make progress to reform the transport sector introducing new legislation and regulations in line with the acquis communautaire. These reforms have been introduced in a harmonized way in order to achieve effective management and development of the Core Regional Transport Network.

On the Annual Meeting of Ministers was presented the fourth Multi Annual Plan (MAP) for the Development of the South East Europe Core Regional Transport Network for the five year period 2009 to 2013. The Multi Annual Plan (MAP) 2009-13 is the fourth and the first one after the SEETO became a regional transport institution owned by Participants and with valuable support from the European Commission. As with the previous three MAPs, this MAP was prepared with the full contribution of all SEETO Participants, clearly demonstrating the dedication and commitment of Participants to promote regional cooperation and to establish efficient regional transport systems as it was stated in the MoU. Broader and more precise priority project description is highlighted in the MAP 2009-13. The Priority Project list totals are around 4.8 billion €, which is very ambitious.

This is fourth AMM, with the first such meeting taking place on 10th November 2005 in Skopje, the second in Brussels on 1st December 2006 and third in Tirana on 4th December 2007.

You can get detailed information of the event on the official site of Government of Montenegro.