54th SEETO Steering Committee Meeting held in Budva

On 14th of June, at Hotel Avala in Budva the 54th Steering Committee Meeting was held. The meeting began with a welcome and opening remarks from SEETO Steering Committee Chairman, Mr. Gjynejt Mustafa, Mr. Alain Baron from European Commission and SEETO Secretariat General Manager, Mr. Dejan Lasica. SEETO Steering Committee members from the regional participants, as well as the SEETO Secretariat participated in the meeting.

SEETO Secretariat briefed the members of the SC on some important issues under the Connectivity Reform Measures plan, presenting the state of play in each Regional Participant as well as the latest progress on Connecta projects on road safety, road/rail maintenance, ITS and border crossing as well as administrative issues.

Steering Committee adopted different administrative steps for the forthcoming period, including SEETO Regional Participants agreement in principle to extend the SEETO mandate, until the end of the year 2018, in order to enable a sound support to the regional transport cooperation without interruption until the structures of the TCT are fully functional.

Some of the forthcoming activities agreed by the SC included preparation of the SEETO Multiannual Plan (MAP) 2018 – Update and further monitoring of the connectivity reform measures, Connecta Technical Assistance.